A Defender With A Bit Of Rust To Look Good

This is something that stands on the eccentric side as far as car aesthetics go because one of the many things that annoy car owners is rust, so why would you want it? Well, surely this Land Rover has rust on it for a reason and weirdly enough, it was commissioned by one of Neils Van Roij Design’s customers and they’ve stuck with it.

Upon that request, a unique metal-binding technology was developed and it allowed them to spray it on all types of metal that can be found on the exterior and interior surfaces. Spraying a thin layer of aluminium, brass, bronze, zinc or gold on a material can guarantee that it will hold its qualities for 20 years, meaning that is more than the average car ownership period.

After the whole process, the designers can also brush, polish, sand and oxidize the material to make it look attractive to the eye. The Land Rover Defender on these images has that application on the bonnet diamond plates and side vents, giving it a much heritage look. They can let the plates rust and halt the rust at any moment if required, then the process of oxidizing can be done to protect the surface.

These mods match the grey metallic body paint and the look becomes badass with the fitment of the 22-inch Black Crow forged alloy wheels. The interior is covered in brown leatherette material on the seats and instrument panel. It is up to the customer how they want their car customized and the rust can be applied anywhere they want on the car, even the cabin.

Source: Heritage Customs Rust on Land Rover Defender

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