The Modified X-Class With A Numberplate That Costs Half The Price

The X-Class was intended to be the first proper luxury bakkie offered by Mercedes Benz seeing that they are experts in that area and wanted to fill that gap, they had high hopes for this creation. Unfortunately, the X-Class didn’t do well with sales and it was completely scraped from production after just 3 years. However, Chelsea Truck Company has released their latest creation of the X-Class in a form of various modifications to keep the nameplate alive or in their own purpose of making it look good.

It has been named the sky silver metallic edition taken from the name of the colour the body has been painted with. The front sports a vertical struts grille and a vented spoiler alongside bumper vents, a front bumper lower aero crash bar with a stainless-steel front A bar and a vented bonnet. Simply an aggressive and rugged styling to showcase the toughness of the bakkie.

Moving to the side, you will notice the suspension has been lifted to make room for the 22-inch RS-XF wheels coated in black which are also covered by massive wheel arches seeing how huge they are. It comes with a canopy with a sloping rear window line, not sure why. The tuners are also offering customers the choice to option for bulletproof glass plus privacy tinted windows if ever they wish to amp up the VIP experience in their bakkie.

Inside it is the same story with improving the cabin feel by adding reupholstered front and rear seats in quilted leather with contrasting stitches, red accents and a small Kahn logo. The door panels receive the similar treatment as the seats together with the centre armrest, door armrest and dashboard. Even the gear selector has been leather-stitched, talk about absolute luxury.

There are various ways you can modify your X-Class with Kahn automobiles, as long as you can afford to pay £45 900 (R923 711). And the last interesting part about this particular bakkie is that the number plate you see on these press images, ‘HE11 WAR’, it will cost you just £20 000 (R402 488) separately.

Source: Chelsea Truck Company Mercedes X Class Silver Metallic Edition

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