The One-Off Uncanny Breadvan By Niels Van Roij

A very special type of machinery emerges from coachbuilding, usually making it unique and exclusive to the car market. Niels Van Roij Design came up with this rather odd Ferrari dubbed the ‘Breadvan’ and it pays homage to the 1962 model with same design cues done by Giotti Bizzarrini together with Piegro Drogo. The car was based on the Ferrari 250 GT SWB and the current version is based on an “Italian V12 supercar” which you may know it by its model name, the Ferrari 550 Maranello.

The couchbuild philosophy commands the body to be hand-beaten and the interior handmade which results in a very exotic look. Unfortunately, this Breadvan is not exactly what I’d call ‘attractive’ but note that this is aimed at the ‘philocalist’ of car enthusiasts who appreciate beauty beyond the exterior image of any car that is referred to as special.

Anyway yes, the Breadvan’s body is handmade and the headlight design has been switched for a more modern look. It has quad exhaust tailpipes sticking out like four cannons and moving to the side is, of course, the weird fastback style shape with fire-star double-spoke wheel design and two gills on the front fenders.

The press release that was sent to us doesn’t have much information including engine specs and performance but it says that one unit was built and it is available with a manual gearbox. We are not going to criticize the design any further because we understand what the makers wanted to achieve and that is making a bizarre but rather cool looking Italian supercar.

Here is a YouTube video of the Breadvan:

Source: Niels Van Roij ‘Breadvan’ Press Release

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