The Luxurious G-Wagon With Suicide Doors

When you’ve just thought aftermarket mods for the G-Class cannot get any ostentatious, only Hofele is capable of doing the unthinkable by fitting in what they call “Coach Doors” which is essentially suicide doors on an SUVs. As ghastly as they seem to the eye, it’s not exactly a bad thing. Not only adding to the styling but allowing an ease of entry and exit for the rear passengers plus it is a lot more sophisticated, ask Rolls-Royce owners. Seeing that it is an SUV and has a higher ground clearance, there needs to be an assistance in stepping in and they have thought about that by adding electric retractable side steps. The steps won’t protrude the look of the Ultimate G-Wagon, that’s what they calling it, as they will be tucked away nicely when not in use.

The rest of the SUV is covered in chrome bits highlighted on the front grille with vertical struts, front bumper, the waistline trim, door handles and the rear wheel mounted cover. To explore more of the luxurious look, a two-tone paint colour with the top part being Carpathian Grey and the lower part in Crystal Black was added. This paint style can be seen on most high-end luxury cars such as Mercedes-Maybach models, if you must know that is where Hofele got the inspiration from. There is a roof mounted LED light bar which makes it look much cooler.

It is riding on 23-inch Turbine-style forged alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli tyres that are so wide, that the wheels arches had to be widened with top notch material which is carbon fibre. That becomes an addition to the whole look as the stance is intensified and now has a greater road presence. The exterior look sets a VIP tone which is more angled towards the luxurious image but not necessarily erasing the lavish, cool look that we know of on the G-Wagon.

This is the first time I see Hofele do a complete makeover on the inside of these project cars of theirs, especially on the rear passenger seating where you are met with a touchscreen on the centre console separating the captain chair seats wrapped in Nappa leather and they are heated, ventilated with massaging functions. The touchscreen is essentially a removable tablet with wireless charging that controls various functions in the rear seating area.

Alcantara has been utilized on various parts of the interior to exuberate the grandeur environment. Enhancement have also been done to the luggage compartment by laying the floor with piano black lacquer and some aluminium trim. This is greatly a massive difference from the normal G-Wagon but not all that bad. We are not sure if everyone will warm up to the rear suicide doors but such unique bespoke designs are influenced by customers so we will forgive Hofele for that.

Source: Hofele Ultimate G-Wagon Press Release  

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