Upcoming Mercedes Benz S-Class Packing Exciting New Tech Features

The 2021 Mercedes Benz S-Class is nearing its official reveal date which should be in September 2020, and it is going to be a spectacular month because the next BMW M3 and BMW M4, and Volkswagen Golf 8 R will be unveiled on that very same month. The focus will mostly be on the S-Class because it is set to come with revolutionary tech that will captivate the automotive industry and lay a foundation for future Mercedes Benz models to ground on.


There have been several teaser videos released by the manufacturer showing various innovative features such as an instrument cluster that has a 3D effect that tracks the driver’s eye movement and alters the illusion effect. It is an ordinary LCD display on the dash but with a special pixel structure and controllable LED aperture grille. Of course, Augmented reality head-up display will be included with integrated 3D arrows for navigation.

A first for any production car on the upcoming S-class is a rear passenger airbag. The airbag is said to be tucked at the back of the front seat and deploy the same way as a conventional airbag would at the moment of an accident. This should improve safety for all passengers and save lives.


The other interesting feature is rear-axle steering which allows a 10-degree steering angle and that enables to have a turning circle of less than 11 metres. The E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL tech has been included and that raises the body just before a side impact and prevents any injuries the occupants may incur.

There are a lot of things Mercedes Benz is yet to reveal on the new the S-Class and all that we will know in less than a month.

Source: Autoblog

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  1. Well explained love it ❤


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