Hofele Releases The HGLE With A Gold Theme

Is your Mercedes Benz GLE too basic, too boring or just doesn’t look good enough? Hofele has an answer for your concerns with the Ultimate HGLE. That line sounded like an advertisement but let us move on and discuss how this bespoke HGLE is different from the average GLE SUV. For starters, they have changed the exterior to look a bit more of a show-off, not so subtle but still not ghastly to throw you off. This is based on the GLE 450 which has a 3.0-litre turbocharged in-line 6-cylinder with an EQ Boost starter generator and the power is measured at 362 hp (270 kW) and 500 Nm but the modifications can be done to all GLE trim models including the GLE 63 AMG.

Ultimate HGLE SUV Image 1Ultimate HGLE SUV Image 2

The HGLE spots a two-tone paint colour which is typical on luxury models such as a Rolls-Royce or Mercedes Maybach and that gives this car a more distinct attractive look. The two colours are Tiffany Gold and Obsidian Black which look really good and complement each other well. Then you have 23-inch Turbine-style forged wheels which are common on most Hofele models but what’s different here is that they are coated in delicate gold colour, not a favourite for me but should be appealing to the customers.

Continuing the “show-off” look, the front gets a chrome Hofele grille, chrome accents on the front bumper with a shiny chrome strip on the lower lip of the bumper. The rear is not far from being stunning with chrome quad-exhaust pipes and a somewhat looking rear diffuser. You get a sense here that the theme is gold and chrome all-round.

Ultimate HGLE SUV Image 10Ultimate HGLE SUV Image 9

Now the interior is where Hofele always shines by enhancing the first-class experience with lush material and exquisite interior bits which delete nasty plastic parts that would be visible to the eye and you don’t want to see that in this luxurious SUV. The seats are wrapped in Nappa leather and the headline covered in Alcantara. The gold scheme is also included in the interior with some gold stitching and rear headrest pillows with gold Hofele logos on them.

This might not be up to everyone’s taste but I am pretty sure you can instruct Hofele to use different colours that should look a lot better.

Source: Ultimate HGLS by Hofele Press Release

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