The E-Class Coupe Facelift To Be Revealed On The 27th Of May

6 days from now, Mercedes Benz will reveal the facelifted E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet alongside their AMG performance variants. Just like the facelifted Mercedes Benz E-Class Sedan, the E-Class Coupe will receive updated headlights and taillights with some interior tweaks that include a new steering wheel design and the latest MBUX infotainment system with voice control.


Mercedes Benz E-Class Sedan W213 Facelift


The promotion poster that Mercedes-AMG posted on twitter shows the E-Class Coupe still in covers and behind are four distinct AMG Coupes from the past. There is the 300 CE 6.0 “The Hammer”, the E 36, the CLK 55, and my personal favourite the CLK 63 Black Series. I think this hints that the E-Class Coupe they are about to reveal will be a special one considering that the cars included on this poster are quite rare and special plus they held their value well. We shall see what they have for us when the day comes.


Mercedes Benz E-Class Coupe W213

In other news, BMW is also preparing the reveal of the updated 5 Series and 6 Series GT, which is no longer available in SA due to poor sales. The facelifted 5 series will include the M5 and the first ever M5 CS on the date of the reveal if it does happen that day, I am not sure.


Mercedes Benz gave their models across the range a facelift including the GLC, and they are planning to showcase the all-new S-Class very soon followed by the new C-Class Sedan and Coupe.

Source: Mercedes-AMG Twitter

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