BMW Might Be Planning A Possible X8 And X8 M


A document is currently circulating on the net showing what appears to be a patent registration of the name “BMW X8 M” and that has sparked numerous questions on why BMW is planning to extend their X line up with another SUV. What is more puzzling is how will the X8 look like and what purpose will it serve in the X line up. BMW AG has not confirmed nor has it even mentioned plans of adding a new X8 SUV model. This information comes from the trusted BMWblog website where they even posted some renders of how the X8 will be.

The BMW X8 rumours are not a new thing as it has been talked about in the past years and BMW denied countless times that they will ever be an X8 SUV, and that was when they unveiled the X7 Concept. We believe the same thing will happen with the X8. A concept model might be revealed in 2021 and a production model planned for 2022, codenamed “G09”. Renders show a Coupe version of the BMW X7 but I don’t think it would make sense for BMW to even consider lowering the roofline of the X7 to make a glorified 5-seater SUV Coupe.



The design of the X8 will be a bit of a pickle to even guess because who knows what else BMW can do with other possible model numbers like the 9 series. Reports suggest that the X8 will be a more bespoke model than just an additional SUV and it might become the “Maybach” of the BMW lineup. We know that the 8 Series is a sporty, luxurious coupe for the wealthy if they don’t want the 7 series and that might be the case with the X8 when you don’t want the X7.

No test mule of the X8 has been spotted yet meaning it’s still on the drawing board. Or there won’t be an X8 at all and it will only be the X8 M making it the first standalone BMW M car because BMW M has mentioned in the past that they want to have that kind of model.


Being the top of the range model, the X8 M will use the 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine from the BMW M8. But then again, I cannot surely pinpoint the right prediction for this mysterious BMW model but what I know is that it will be something we have never seen before from Munich’s finest automaker.


Source: BMWblog

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