Two Popular Audi Models To Be Discontinued

With Mercedes Benz and BMW discontinuing some of its models, Audi is also following suite. Particularly with these two popular models and by popular in terms of being favourites in the automotive community comprising of passionate petrolheads. The models in question are the Audi R8 and the Audi TT Coupe. Audi’s first supercar will soon see the end of its days after just 2 generations and as for the Audi TT Coupe, the hairdresser’s car will hang its gloves as it says goodbye, this includes the TT S and TT RS.

The Audi R8 has been around for 14 years and during that time, it has undergone a lot of facelifts but its V8/V10 heart always stayed pure. It is based on the Audi Le Mans Concept Car introduced in 2003 and the production version was revealed in 2006 which went on sale with two versions, a naturally aspirated R8 4.2L FSi V8 and R8 5.2L FSi V10. The R8 was deemed the best handling supercar at that time and went on to be featured in Iron Man Films.


Second Generation Audi R8 V10 Plus Pre-Facelift

The current R8 was launched in 2015 and comes with a 5.2L FSi V10 producing 533 hp (397 kW) and the V10 Plus produces 602 hp (449 kW). The headline now is that Audi will no longer make the R8 and it will be replaced by an all-electric E-Tron model taking the shape of the supercar. It was planned that Audi will use a much smaller engine in the R8 with plug-in hybrid technology to boost power but that idea has been scrapped and will no longer be on Audi’s plans.


Audi TT Coupe


Audi TT S Coupe

Meanwhile, the news about the TT Coupe seeing its final days shocked everyone as most loved the baby R8. The TT Coupe is a sportscar produced by Audi AG from 1998 to this day, in its third generation and comes in either front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive on the normal variants. The performance models of the TT Coupe are the TT S which comes with a 2.0 turbopetrol 4-cylinder engine producing 306 hp (228 kW) and the higher performance TT RS model uses the award-winning 2.5-litre TSFi 5-cylinder engine producing an astonishing 400 hp (294 kW).

Audi TT RS Coupé

Audi TT RS Coupe

The TT RS is dubbed an R8 lite as it shares similar characteristics such as incredible handling, rapid acceleration and producing a symphonic exhaust noise. Now the news says that the TT RS will be axed due to dropping sales and it will be replaced by an EV model which we are yet to know the name of it.

The Volkswagen Group is heading for an electrified range of models that it will be introducing as the years goes by with most starting with letters “ID”. Audi and Porsche, being part of the VW Group, will do the same thing mass-producing electric cars. Audi has planned to introduce 20 EV models in 2020 and expand the range to 30 EV models by the year 2025.

Sources: Motor1 & Hot Cars


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