The automotive industry is at the verge of total transformation. Looking forward to the future, we see many car manufacturers opting to make hybrid and full electric cars. Although it seems like South Africans are not really fond with electric cars, there is more that is coming our way. Recently Mercedes Benz has launched their EQ brand in South Africa which is a line of electric cars. The first model coming up is the EQC.

Now I’m excited to announce that the famous electric car brand, Tesla, might be launching very soon in South Africa, soon like maybe in 2019. Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, has recently tweeted that South Africa might be receiving a Tesla showroom some time next year. By now you already know what that means, the Tesla brand will be launched in SA, that’s right you will get to purchase your very own electric car locally. Surely you will be proud to look futuristic, save the planet and whatever.

Now I’m guessing that we will not get all three models at once. My predictions are we will receive the Tesla Model 3 first because that is the car that most consumers are rooting for. Not really sure if the government will implement a compensation for purchasing an electric car. After receiving the Model 3 we will see the launch of the Model S and Model X respectively.

Not quite sure if electric cars will be appealing to SA consumers but look at it this way, we are receiving something brilliant, something exciting. We are moving on with the times, experiencing what the future will be like. I’m quite excited that we are seeing a change in the SA automotive industry.

Car journalists will be thrilled to test out Tesla models on homeground, this will be a massive game changer. We are absolutely ready for change. Electric cars are cars of tomorrow, we shall see what will happen in 2019.