GCR Nominee #4: 2018 Audi A7

Since the introduction of fastback cars such as the BMW 6 series GT and the Mercedes Benz CLS coupe, the demand for this kind of bodystyled cars has grown exceptionally well. Audi’s A7 has been one of the most popular fastbacks in the market. The very sexy sloping roofline has made it attractive and unique. Now Audi has revealed the newly updated A7 which I have to say it’s just beautiful. It strikes me with the idea of future designs, as we know Audi takes the shape of it’s concept cars exactly into it’s production cars.
The exterior hasn’t changed much with the bodystyle but obviously it would not because it is a fastback. The exterior will be also influenced by the Audi Prologue Concept which was released in 2014. The things that have changed is the front angular headlights with Audi’s latest Matrix full LED headlamps, a larger front grille, some additional styling to the body shape. Now one thing that impresses me is the newly made rear tailgate lights. The lights are of large LED strip which is very lovely. 

The exterior still impresses like the interior of the car. You will notice that most of it’s interior styling and equipment has been borrowed from the 2018 Audi A8. It’s not a disappointment as such because the interior is very lovely and very nice to be in. I am just ticked off that Audi has ditched the rotary controller to operate the infotainment screen and now has gone for the aid of touchscreen, actually dual-touchscreens. There is upper screen for the usual equipment needed to be operated such as Sat-Nav and the lower screen for air-condition and others as such. 

Other controlling methods can be the use of voice control and gesture control, which many think it’s a bit of a gimmick as seen in the BMW 7 series. There are many cool features that the new A7 will come with. One is Autonomous driving capability which enables the car to park and cruise on the freeway on it’s own. That’s pretty cool but there is more like the latest version of Audi’s virtual cockpit which is a screen of dials. There is so much tech in the new A7 that I can’t mention all of them.

Most important things to consider about a new Audi model is the engine and driver assistant packages. Reports have stated that only one engine has been announced by Audi for the A7 which is a 3.0 liter V6 petrol with 335 bhp. This can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 5.3 seconds. More engine variants are yet to be announced possibly with two new diesel engines and 2 petrol engines. It has been rumored that the RS7 will make use of an electric motor to boost more power.

The engine will be mated to Audi’s seven-speed dual-clutch and be driven on Audi’s four-wheel drive quattro system. Possible hybrid models may be announced by Audi soon.

The size and length of the car has increased thus increasing the boot space and more rear leg room for passengers. It’s much lighter than the predecessor thanks to light material like carbon fibre and aluminum.

 Reason why it has been nominated?

The New Audi A7 is a much great improvement from it’s predecessor. We like the new tech that comes with the new Audi. The tech makes the car very special plus the design has been one of our favourites, the Audi A7 steps into a new game of absolute futuristic design. 

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