Toyota Camry

It has been long since we saw a Toyota Camry on the streets of south africa because Toyota SA decided to discontinue any deliveries to South Africa. So if you were thinking how it looks now take a look at the pictures because this is how much good it looks now. 

Toyota is one of the biggest car companies in the world and it has to make sure that it’s models look good. It is sort of Toyota’s flagship I mean it is a very good looking car and Toyota decided to add a hybrid model to the Camry, how economical is that! It may be just the best choice for any car buyer who has an job, a family and an average standard of living. 

Engines that come with this sedan:

  • Base engine 2.5 L inline 4 cylinder petrol engine which produces 205 hp
  • A top model 3.6 L V6 engine petrol engine producing 300 hp
  • A hybrid same 2.5 L 4 cylinder with an electric motor producing 200hp

Transmissions include a six-speed sequential shift automatic for the hybrid model and a eight-speed automatic transmission for the I4 and V6 model. 

This are the ideal engines because we all know that Toyota engines are very efficient and very econmical. This reminds me of the first successful hybrid car that Toyota launched, the Toyota Prius. It was the answer to saving the environment and many famous celebrities had a Prius. It was the car to buy if you were a green person. Now that Toyota is offering a hybrid option with the Camry this will surely win the hearts of green people. 

As part of ensuring that the Toyota Camry is safe, standard features have been included on all models like full-radar cruise control, steering assist and auto-high beam assist. But as a buyer you can include optional features like active blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, intelligent clearance sonar and rear cross-traffic braking.
Now to the Interior of the car, it features an updated infotainment system called Entune 3.0 System powered by linux. Comes with bluetooth, USB, touchscreen.

This car just looks so much better than the corolla that Toyota is still offering in south  africa.  It may compete with the likes of Mercedes Benz C-class or the Audi A4. For what is worth this car should be granted the car of the year award… it is just so excellent and very great. Maybe I should start a campaign of bring back the Toyota Camry back to SA.

GCR rating- 7/10… it may look good but it has to win the hearts of consumers!!


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