Bugatti Chiron

The ultimate car that broke the world record of being the fastest production car for the longest was the Veyron. Now Bugatti with it’s anticipated, most valuable car is continuing the legacy. The Chiron is the most extraordinary car ever. It comes with the same 8 litre W16 quad-turbocharged engine from the Veyron but this engine has been tuned and tweaked to give out the best performance. It now produces an unbelievable 1 479 hp. 

Now if you think about it, comparing the chiron to an everyday city car like a Kia Picanto with power, you will need at least 22 Kia Picanto’s to equal one Bugatti chiron. That is some insane fact and the Bugatti doesn’t stop there with some of the outrageous facts. 

Here is some of the performance figures:

  • 1 479 hp (1 103kW)
  • producing 1 600 Nm of torque
  • 0-100 km/h in just 2.4 seconds
  • 0-200 km/h in just 6.5 seconds
  • 0-300 km/h in just 13.6 seconds
  • Top speed is “electronically limited” to 420 km/h

Just by looking at this this figures I wonder where in this world would a person drive this car to it’s full potential. The power is managed on a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. 

Now this comes to the tires. This meant that Bugatti had to find a solution on how to create the most durable tires that won’t be ruined by the savage W16 engine. So VW group, which has many connections and it’s Bugatti’s owners , decided to call in the specialists from Michelin, a german tire manufacturer, to develop tires for the Chiron. It took time as the tires were developed using a jet engine. How, I don’t know but it worked. 

To clarify that, a man dies at a force of 9 G’s. When the Bugatti Chiron is at it’s top speed, each gram of one tire produces a force of 3,800 times the force of gravity. This means the Bugatti Chiron can stick down on the ground at an unbelievable force. It might also be able to drive upside down. Another mind blowing fact is that the Chiron can empty it’s tank in just nine minutes if it is at top speed. Not an ideal car to consider on fuel economy. 

Now on to the exterior, it has those daytime running lights that are in a four cubed ring design. On the side you can see the C shaped side air intakes which symbolise the Chiron name. In the back is the straight lined tailgate lights from one side to the other. And obviously the rear adjustable spoiler which comes out at high speeds.

The Veyron’s sophisticated four-wheel drive system caused it to not have the ability to drift. Bugatti has solved that and now you can slip and slide like a crazy maniac but be very careful with that much of power and torque. A lovely statement that Bugatti has given to the automotive industry. This has challenged other supercar manufacturers to push their models to the limit.

Now it’s a question that anyone should ask, ‘can I even afford a Bugatti Chiron?’. Well if you have a yatch, 50 luxury cars, two helicopters, a private jet and you possibly live in a $40 million house, you might be the person who can afford it because this costs seven times more than a Lamborghini Aventador. The actual price is $2 700 000 million and 200 of Chirons are already sold.

Bugatti has not stopped here but it’s continuing to develop the Chiron so that it can be very powerful. Though it is claimed it can reach 288 mph, Bugatti is refusing to give out the real speed it can reach possibly more than 300 mph!

GCR rating – 9/10… very nice but very expensive!!

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