Aston Martin Valkyrie

It is now time for the automotive industry to change it’s usual ways of just creating cars that can do 200 mph but focus on what Aston Martin is about to bring to this world. A collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing has caused the creation of a car like no other. The car in-question is the Valkyrie. The reason why I say this will change everything is that this car weighs just 1,030 kg but also produces 1,130 hp. This means that the Valkyrie has surpasses a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio.

The Aston Martin has some really ridiculous figures and the collaborations don’t end there. Red Bull Racing is involved in the research on how to make the car lightweight whilst a 6.2 L naturally-aspirated V12 is supplied by Cosworth and Rimac is supplying a KERS system used by Formula One teams to increase their cars performances. 

Bosch is also there to supply ECU unit, traction control system and ESP. Even the company, Alcon and and Surface Transforms, is supplying the brakes and calipers. This doesn’t end here with the collabos, Multimac is on it with supplying a MonoCell for the Valkyrie. Michelin is supplying tyres for the Valkyrie. The wheels are manufactured with lightweight magnesium material. The front and rear lights will be made by Wipac.

This is not only Aston Martin’s greatest creation but it will be automotives game changer. To create a great car that will break many records, this will need a lot of hard work.

Just to break down the details in short:

  • Engine: 6.2 L naturally-aspirated V12
  •  1,130 hp (843 kW)
  • Weight: 1,030 kg
  • power-to-weight ratio of 1,097 per ton
  • 7-speed paddle shift transmission
  • Everything is made out of carbon fibre
  • It has a KERS system installed along with the engine

The interior has no gauge cluster but there is a set of screens showing drivers information. The side mirror are side cameras with screens.  There is one screen that seats on the centre of the cockpit. There are bucket seats which come with two seat bealts each.

The problem is the Aston Martin will be exclusive to just a production number of 150. And there is another problem which is very obvious which is the price of the Aston Martin Valkyrie. The Valkyrie will cost a large amount of money which is $3.2 million US dollars. Phew… that is a lot of money but it should be that much because the precision and dedication put to this car comes at a very high price.

The Valkyrie is surely a very interesting car. I will release further information when the automotive site of Aston Martin has released anything about the Valkyrie.

GCR rating- 10/10… This is a car that will defy the laws of physics, very interesting!!

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